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All’s well.

Today was a great day! The weather was absolutely perfect. While I would have loved to spend the day at the park, what we did instead was just as fun and far more productive. And, we still got to enjoy a bit of the outdoors.

We woke up late on a rare day off for Billy. And I do mean late. Normally on a weekend I’m up by 7:30 or 8am. Today we were up and at ’em around 12:55pm. This is thanks to a wild night in the city playing hours upon hours of Wii with friends. I think we strolled in as the sun was coming up around 5:45am. I haven’t done that in a LONG time, and with any luck, it will be a long time before I do it again. But it was fun.

Today we managed to get to the post office to ship off a gift for a colleague who is having a baby in July. Her due date is actually on my birthday, which I think is an excellent sign for good things to come. I made her a baby sweater.

Then it was off to the city to have some lunch. We dined in style at the bar at the Blue Room, which is our favorite spot in the city. We know all the bartenders by name and it’s pretty much as homey to us as eating in our own living room. That was nice.

We walked from there down to Barnes and Noble, where we piled up a stack of books about the Grand Canyon, so we could start planning our trip. I’m not much of a trip planner. I much prefer going where the moment takes me and seeing what strikes my fancy once I arrive. But we both agreed that having some general knowledge of what to expect when we were there would be a good idea. We chose a couple to purchase and take along with us, and left quite excited about our upcoming trip.

Then it was downtown to the outdoor store to get ourselves some sleeping pads for the camping trip. Sleeping on rocks probably isn’t much fun. I’m feeling a little skeptical that we are going to be able to get all this gear out to Las Vegas and back on the plane. We decided not to get the backpacking pads, which are smaller, in order to save some money. I wonder if that was a bad idea. At the very least, though, I know we’ll get use out of the ones we got, since we do a lot of car camping anyway. Camping gear is fucking expensive, yo.

Now we’re home, we booked our hotel for the two nights we’ll be in Las Vegas, and we are so stoked to get out there. We’re getting ready for a night of karaoke with friends and looking forward to a full night’s sleep. Please, please, a full night’s sleep would be nice. During the night-time, please.



I think most people use the end of the calendar year to look back, take stock, and see where they’ve come and what they’ve done over that past year. For me, our anniversary seems like the more perfect time to do this.

This past year has been filled with a lot of ups and downs, much like most people I know. As I look back over the photos from the places we went, the things we saw, the things we did, I am reminded how lucky I am to have shared them all with someone I love as much as you.

There was our belated honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean in late April. Our camping trip where we invented Rummy 10,000 while huddled in our tent throughout the 4-inches of rain deluge. Our week on the beach in the Outer Banks with Siggi and Brett. 2009 was our year for sports, and we went to Yankees games, the Nationals and Orioles game in Washington, DC, a Brooklyn Cyclones game, two Penn State football games, and even a Jaguars game. Sadly, I don’t have photos of that Jags game, thanks to the fact that my camera lens was too long to be considered “safe” by security standards. We bought a car this year, and it has allowed us to do so many new things we couldn’t do before. We ran amuck – or, well, I did – and you took pictures of me doing it. We cruised for Christmas and made the most of an otherwise sad holiday season. We bought new furniture for the living room and finally kicked that ugly green sofa to the curb. We went to San Diego and finally go to see where my brother lives, and sang our hearts out at the Shout House. After five years of talking about it, we got our asses up and out to the Cloisters.

What laces all of these fantastic moments together is the true realization that you really have made me so very happy. I’m so glad I let you into my life.

Check out this year’s anniversary photo here (WordPress doesn’t want to let me embed the video into my post, because I don’t want to pay for it, so I apologize for making you click through to see it):

Reading list.

Yesterday I finished reading A Beautiful Mind. It was a long book, and really not what I’d expected, but it was good and I’m glad I read it. Having already seen the movie, I was expecting it to be more of a narrative than a straight biography, but straight biography is what I got. And it was very heavy on the math references. In hindsight, I suppose that’s to be expected from a biography about a mathematical genius. At the time I kind of felt cheated that I had to read about all this math that I could never understand.

I’m glad I read it. Originally I’d picked it out, thinking that reading about someone else’s mental illness might give me some insight into my mother’s mental illness. In the end, it did that, although not in the way I expected. John Nash’s illness, schizophrenia, is nothing like what my mom has. His personal story is nothing like my mom’s. But I guess it was good to read that there was someone else who was dealing with the trials and mistakes that come with mental illness. That despite the mistakes, despite the not knowing, things have a way of coming out ok in the end. I think I know that deep in my heart, but it’s easy to forget sometimes when things are feeling bleak.

In the end, I am glad I read the book, but I’m also glad I’m finished reading it. It was dense and full of references I will never understand and a very slow read. It read more like a textbook than anything else. I learned a lot about Nash’s life that absolutely did not come across in the movie (shocker!). But it was long, it was tedious, and I’m ready for something uplifting.

So what did I pick up next? The Lovely Bones. Oh yeah. This one’s DEFINITELY uplifting. Not. But I will say that it is a quick read, and an interesting one, and that is kind of what I needed. Next I think I will have to pick something light and fluffy that just makes me feel good all over. Something with no drama but that is still entertaining, where everybody is just happy all the time. Is that even possible in life? Is it possible in fiction? Who knows… I’m kind of skeptical.


Here I go telling everyone I’m moving over to a new site and then I don’t post anything new for a week. What a great blog host I am!

It’s been a weird week. I ended up making a spur of the moment trip to Florida on Monday evening to take care of my mom’s new puppy while she was in the hospital. Not knowing how long she’d be there, I booked the return flight for Friday, just in case. As it turned out, she was home by Wednesday, which was good, but a tad unexpected.

Can I just say, my mom’s dog Beau is SO CUTE? She has a maltese-shi’tzu mix. He is 5 pounds, 14 ounces. He loves to run, jump, and play. He was definitely the highlight of my trip.

After we got home on Friday night, it was baby shower followed by breakfast with an old friend followed by a bridal shower and holy shit I am fucking tired now! Things don’t lighten up over the next week or so, either. Yoga tonight, running tomorrow night, a late meeting at work on Wednesday, a 9am call to India on Thursday, plus my Thursday night NAMI meeting, a wedding henna ceremony on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, a drive to Saugerties on Sunday, and then back to friggin’ work to do it again on Monday.

I’m giving up on housework for the month of April, I think. I’m just going to buy new clothes, preferably online for delivery, order takeout, and sleep in every free moment I have between now and May 1.

Yay life!

Looking Up.

I am making banana bread right now as a surprise for Billy, and the smell of it is driving me crazy! I love homemade banana bread!

Tonight for dinner we are also having garlic hoisin-marinated steaks with veggie kabobs and fresh baked dinner rolls. You might say I am finding some of my old spirit today. I think the six hours in the sunshine at the park with the two best people on Earth might have had something to do with it.

Living the Nostalgic Life

This week I behaved like a 19-year-old college student, sleeping four hours a night and going out for wild drinking binges with the guys nearly every single night. It’s a bit different now than it was in college, though (as it always is), since I actually have a job that requires focus and attention and my presence five days a week. It’s not like I can skip work the way I might skip a class. I also don’t have access to a dining hall where people cook and do my food shopping for me, so I’ve been languishing on a diet of diner and bar food and cold pizza for breakfast.

I will say that it has been fun. I’m not going to lie. We’ve been out partying with friends from yore, family we don’t see often enough, and people we see all the time yet never enough. We have danced and joked around and cursed the fact that McSorley’s Pub closes at 2am! And that Yogi’s is not just closed, but completely demolished! The city’s great dives are making way for expensive high-rise apartment buildings, and that just makes me sad. I want to buy a house near swampland in the south with rickety walls and sprawling grounds so we can hire a DJ (I’m looking at you, Caprice) to blast the tunes while we sit in our rocking chairs on the porch drinking Corona. The luxury high-rise life is not for me.

We leave for our honeymoon in less than a week, and all I can say is my body is really craving that chaise lounger by the pool and the powdery white sand on the beach. This week will be more of the same, I think. My work calendar is packed solid and my social calendar is following suit, and I’m thinking whether I’m 19 or 29 is really moot at this point; I’m going all out and the only thing that’s going to stop me is jail or death. This one’s for all the bananas.

Toss It.

“This router bullshit is really starting to piss me off.”

He tried to shrug it off before he threw the ball back to me, but couldn’t resist. “When’d you start swearing like that?”

I reached up for the catch – smack! – in my glove. “Mom taught me.” Flipped the ball out of my glove and tossed it back.

The wind caught it a little this time, but his height helped him and he reached far to his left to grab it. He thought for a moment before he threw it back to me, but didn’t say anything.

For several minutes we just threw the ball back and forth across the evening sky, not saying anything at all. It was nice, really, just to enjoy each other’s presence after so many years. And after a while, I saw what he was trying to say. The rhythm of the catch had taken over. Throw, smack, flip.

Made everything else feel unimportant.

Throw, smack, flip, day turned into dusk. Throw, smack, flip, we were back together.