Intequilacated = Happy

Day two was perhaps a bit more eventful than day one, though I probably accomplished less. Day two involved over an hour in the gym working out, ordering pizza, and watching a movie. Day two was me coming to the realization that this not working in an office thing? I kinda like it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if someone were to begin making automatic payments to my bank account for the rest of eternity, I would be quite comfortable not working for the rest of my life.

Shortly after that realization, I realized that no one is ever going to make such deposits into my bank account. And then I got intequilacated.*

Intequilacation is a wonderful thing, in that it prolongs the inevitable and allows denial to set in and grow roots. Denial equals happiness. Therefore, to be intequilacated is to be happy.

And that… THAT was my third and most profound realization of the day. It was all downhill from there.

*Thank you, Duckling, Ducky, or perhaps most aptly, the artist formerly known as Brandon, for use of your most awesome word.


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